School survey
President's message

It's our duty to love each child and offer him or her opportunities to be successful. Guided by the idea “Make the world full of love.”, I'd like to be the foregoer of loving.

——By Meihua

  • School Survey

    Primary School Attached to Chengdu Foreign Languages School, short for “PSCFLS’’, is affiliated to Chengdu Foreign Languages School. It adheres to the long-lasting pursuit of cultivating healthy, happy and modern Chinese who are able to adjust to the international order. Based on the educational idea “Chinese Spirit, Global Vision” and centering the love-oriented teaching, it aims to create highly qualified development platform for teachers and students, to offer parents top-class educational services and to develop outstanding talents for the society.

  • Elite Teaching Team

    Outstanding teachers with superb teaching skills are the key to improving its schooling. With the commitment to promote the structure of teaching team that is renowned, excellent and capable, it spare no efforts in guaranteeing teachers high salary and a promising career future wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, it establishes a stimulus mechanism for appraising and selecting the most outstanding teachers and creates a platform for them to develop their career. With all these efforts, stable and consistent breakthroughs are made in expanding the range of its elite teaching and managing team.

  • Teaching quality

    Adhering to the strategy of developing the school through scientific researching, it carries out educational research actively and enhances the cohesion of the staff members with the advanced educational thoughts, thus creating the pleasant educating atmosphere. Unsurprisingly, teaching and research becomes common practice. Quite a few teachers have won prizes in the teaching competitions at all levels. The academic level of the students is among the best of the candidates at all levels. And it offers a set of individual courses students can choose independently. It has won widespread praise from all sectors of the society with its practical style and the first –class quality of education.

  • Foreign language features

    In the foundation of modern cultural and scientific knowledge, it emphasizes the characteristics of teaching foreign language with small classes. In this case, students do better in English than their peers. Teachers and students win the awards in competitions at all levels. It is identified as the "National Foreign Language Teaching Demonstration School" by China Education Institute Foreign Language Teaching Committee.

  • Art education

    It has become distinctive in art education, recruiting professional part-time teachers in conservatories of music or in the Sichuan Song and Dance Theater to give lessons here with 14 kinds of music instruments. With a number of students winning various prizes at different levels in chorus, painting, photographing and clay sculptures competitions , it has been awarded as “School Characterized by Art Education of Chengdu”and “School Characterized by Art Education of Sichuan ”.

  • Fruitful Breakthroughs

    Since it was founded, in the spirit of seeking for the best and working in a serious and pragmatic way, it has striven to cultivate students by pleasant environment, love and daily life and attached great importance to students’ overall development. Remarkable achievements have been made in all aspects. It has been rated as “National Advanced Private Education Institution”, ”Sichuan Provincial Advanced Private Education Institution”, ”National Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Demonstration School ”,“Sichuan Provincial Green Demonstration School”, ”Sichuan Provincial Advanced Collective of art Education” , “Chengdu Demonstration School of Mental Health Education” , and “Chengdu Excellent School-Spirit Demonstration School”.